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Follebu, Oppland, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRUSTUEN Simen Olsen  25 May 1827Follebu, Oppland, Norway I127
2 FOGNEEIE Karen Olsdatter  23 Feb 1823Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3738
3 FORSETH Rønnaug Torgersdatter  30 Dec 1833Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3748
4 HUSUM Ole Olsen Liumseie  14 May 1795Follebu, Oppland, Norway I2323
5 JENSHUS Johan Olsen  1835Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3733
6 JENSHUS Ole Olsen  1831Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3732
7 KOKSLISVEEN Amund Pedersen  04 Nov 1841Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3202
8 LIUMSEIE Synnef Olsdatter  02 Feb 1806Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3734
9 LIUMSEIE Synnef Olsdatter  23 Feb 1809Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3735
10 LIUMSEIE Torger Olsen  1793Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3729
11 LIUMSTUEN Bernt Simensen  10 Oct 1853Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3741
12 LIUMSTUEN Jacob Olsen  26 Jan 1800Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3731
13 LIUMSTUEN Karl Simensen  1855Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3742
14 LIUMSTUEN Olaus Simensen  1849Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3743
15 LIUMSTUEN Simon Olaussen  26 Mar 1878Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3745
16 LIUMSTUEN Simon Olsen  24 Apr 1803Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3736
17 LIUMSTUEN Svend Olsen  1798Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3730
18 MORTENSDATTER Helene  1839Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3758
19 OLSDATTER Karen  1810Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3740
20 PEDERSEN Randine  22 Jul 1868Follebu, Oppland, Norway I120
21 SIMENSEN Martha  04 May 1893Follebu, Oppland, Norway I105
22 SKINNERLIEN Oline Hansdatter  28 Feb 1858Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3755
23 SKINNERLIEN Peter Hansen  12 May 1848Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3752
24 STENE Martha Pettersdatter  02 Apr 1888Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3766
25 STENEEIE Peter Olsen  19 Jun 1858Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3759
26 TOFTEIE Helene Hansdatter  27 Sep 1854Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLIHOVDSTUEN Fredrik Kristiansen  10 Jan 1998Follebu, Oppland, Norway I2575
2 JENSHUS Johan Olsen  08 Mar 1903Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3733
3 JENSHUS Ole Olsen  15 Aug 1902Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3732
4 LIUMSTUEN Bernt Simensen  14 Oct 1935Follebu, Oppland, Norway I3741
5 PEDERSEN Randine  28 Oct 1964Follebu, Oppland, Norway I120


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KOKSLISVEEN / KANKRUDLØKKEN  29 May 1889Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1100
2 LIUMSEIE / HOELSTUEN  26 Jan 1822Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1282
3 LIUMSTUEN / LIUM  19 Jun 1825Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1283
4 LIUMSTUEN / OLSDATTER  19 Jun 1846Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1284
5 LIUMSTUEN / SKIERVE  02 Jul 1826Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1285
6 SKINNERLIEN / GEVORBENHAUGEN  28 May 1844Follebu, Oppland, Norway F1288